Therapeutic Partnerships

Therapeutic Partnerships are unique to Functional Medicine’s mutual-participatory medical model and makes the process successful.

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Join us as we embark on a real-time series following long-time business partners—functional medicine doctor Nathan Morris, MD, and Health and Business Coach Kara Ware. Good Medicine On The Go publishes Clinical and Business Application episodes each month. Check-in or subscribe for updates.

Kara Ware is a true innovator in Functional Medicine.

Priya Kamani



“Working with Kara Ware led to a doubling of my new patients in the first month. Her ability to re-organize my practice and place Jennifer Stump, NBC-HWC, as a health coach into my clinical model has led to better patient outcomes, less stress for me, and an increase in income. We now have a well-oiled machine that takes full advantage of my health coach’s skills and frees me up to do the parts of a functional medicine practice I really enjoy. Working with Kara to integrate a health coach has been the single best practice innovation I’ve made in the last 10-15 years. I recommend her to all of my Kalish Institute students” Dr. Dan Kalish

Welcome to Functional Medicine

 Place priority on establishing a solid foundation that will allow the more advanced medical interventions provide the profound results you as a Patient are seeking. 

80% of Functional Medicine’s success is how well a patient can implement lifestyle modifications. Start your journey here and save time and money. This entry point will help your long journey be more approachable, affordable, and sustainable. 

Meet Kara Ware

Kara Ware’s business and health coaching services best prepare and supports the medical providers, patients, and parents of patients to create and work within an equal, therapeutic partnership. The equal partnership is the key which makes the Functional Medicine process successful. Kara evolved the health coach workflow model to reduce providers’ stress and improve the patients’ experience. The evolved workflow truly initiates and brings life to the therapeutic partnership philosophy.

Kara Ware takes health coaching in a functional medicine clinic to a whole new level of support for both physicians and patients. I highly recommend Kara as a business advisor or health coach.

Dr. Dan Kalish DC

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