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Bob & Julie Barclay founded American Airflow LLC in 2010 with little more than a used pickup truck. They decided to branch out on their own after being employed in the industry for years and seeing firsthand the low standards some companies operate by.

What Sets Us Apart?

We believe in running an honest business, doing things right the first time, and keeping our customers happy. As a result, we save our customers money in the long run, save them the frustration of unresolved repairs or mediocre installations, and establish life-long customer loyalty.”

We believe in the good old fashioned values of hard work and ethical business practices. Our standards are high. So high in fact, we are in a league of our own, leading the industry forward in excellence.”

At American Airflow LLC, our goal is to provide affordable, high quality comfort solutions that leave our customers better off than when we found them.

American Airflow Mission Statement

“At American Airflow, we are committed to providing high-quality, detail-oriented heating and cooling comfort solutions that enrich our customers’ comfort and quality of life.”

Meet the American Airflow Leadership Team…

Bob Barclay

President & Senior Comfort Specialist

HVAC employeeBob started American Airflow in 2010 after eight years in the industry as a field technician. After seeing the lack of quality and passion many of his employers and coworkers demonstrated, he felt led to start his own company where he could best utilize his strong values and work ethic. Today, American Airflow is founded on Bob’s core values that started the company; quality work done right the first time, respect towards employees and customers, ongoing commitment to excellence, and old fashioned values of honesty and integrity. Bob likes to remain active in the company and thus also acts as the Senior Comfort Specialist as he enjoys meeting directly with customers and finding comfort solutions to make their lives better. Bob lives locally with his wife and sons, and is a volunteer member of the Hawthorne Rescue #5 Fire Department. He enjoys spending time with his family and playing ice hockey.

Julie Barclay

Vice President

HVAC employeeJulie is the co-founder of American Airflow, by default as she is Bob’s wife but also by choice as she shares the same core values and beliefs as her husband. Their decision to start their own company a mere few months after getting married was an exciting time for Bob & Julie as they were able to incorporate their dreams and vision into developing a company culture that represented their shared work ethic and commitment to customer satisfaction. As the business has grown over the years, Julie has worn many different hats from Customer Service Representative to Chief Financial Executive to now Vice President. While still remaining active in all aspects of the business, she cherishes being able to spend most of her time being a stay at home mom to her infant sons. She enjoys spending time with her family and soaking in the sun at the beach in the summer.

"Have replaced two AC units. Arrived promptly, behaved courteously. Worked efficiently and quickly. Stand behind their work and are responsive to requests and questions. Wish all in home services would conduct their busines  ... more"

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