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Personal Story

Kara spent an entire year making excuses for her toddler’s extreme behaviors, aggression, and lack of speech until finally, she could no longer deny the obvious; something was terribly wrong. In December 2005, Kara was told her son had Autism. She had never heard of Autism. She was told there was nothing she could do, and her directions were to take her son home, medicate him to silence his tantrums and make him more manageable, put him in speech therapy, love him, and try to keep him safe. She was unwilling to learn to quiet his behaviors. She knew her son’s behaviors were communication he was in unimaginable pain. In 2006, Kara was still on the dial-up internet and had a flip phone that did not send text messages. There was no hope, nevertheless, she decided to discover what there was she could do to ease his pain!

Kara quickly became a single mom, with 2 small boys. There were no local resources, so she began traveling great distances for health care professionals who were beginning to acknowledge, and address the underlying root causes creating the symptoms referred to as Autism. She discovered cranio-sacral and lymphatic drainage therapy, low inflammatory nutrition, supplements, throwing out his baby mattress, and all toxic home and personal products; all of these lifestyle modifications made sense to her. She later layered in vision, infrared sauna, and advanced medical interventions such as chelation, Lyme Disease protocol, mold exposure treatment, hyperbaric treatment, and orthodontics for his restricted airway.

She quickly learned the value of living this plan with her son. Kara feels better today in her mid 40’s than any other time she can remember. Therefore, she credits his Autism as a master teacher who appeared to force Kara to lead by example.

It took Kara 9 years of consistently and 100% committed to living their family’s evolving care plan for her son to surface. After 14 years, they have successfully and sustainably placed Autism into Remission. She has spent the past 7 years working with a variety of Functional Medicine Practitioners for the purpose to turn around and help more families and patients write and tell their story.

You know Kara, I’m absolutely astonished.  You are one of the only parents who has ever taken me seriously when I said your child will mirror your habits. You have actually chosen to lead by example. Your entire family has adopted the  required lifestyle which allows my medical piece to be successful for your son. And look at the results you have achieved! Remarkable.

– Dr. James Biddle, MD

Professional Story

From 2002-2005 Kara worked in a rural, West Virginia health care clinic as a Health Coach. While she was figuring out how to heal the root causes of her son’s Autism, Kara coached patients in the exam rooms while they waited for the provider. She created a chair yoga program to offer exercise to those living with diabetes, chronic pain, and other diagnoses which limited their physical activity.  The program became so successful,  Kara was hired by Marshall University, under the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to train healthcare professionals throughout the Appalachian region in her chair yoga program. She created an innovative prescription pad so the program was doctor prescribed.

When Kara and her boys moved back to her Ohio hometown in 2010, she was shocked no one had heard about healing the root causes creating the Autism symptoms. No one had even heard of gluten/dairy-free.

The closest Bio-Med doc was two hours away and was only offering his medical guidance. Kara, having worked in a variety of health care clinics had the idea to create an Autism Recovery Clinic. She wanted to create a multi-disciplinary health care clinic where families had the circle of support to know how to incrementally master the lifestyle changes which included the entire family, a doctor for the medical interventions, a caretaker wellness therapist, plus the structural integration therapies. She knew families had to create and live a Family Care Plan. Kara knew, in order for more families to experience the same good fortune as her family, families had to live the healing journey with their child. Kara teaches this is a lifestyle you live with your child, not another therapy appointment where you drop the child off.

In October 2013 Kara opened Integrated Connections. The clinic affectionately became known as ‘The Little Yellow House”. Her first patients were families with teenagers who had exhausted conventional and alternative therapies. Such profound results happened with these children that Dr. Nathan Morris, MD of Good Medicine in Oxford, Ohio heard about the Little Yellow House. He and his wife Annie drove the hour to Integrated Connections to meet Kara. Immediately, Dr. Morris asked to be the medical provider to Kara’s care model. He could see the effectiveness of Kara’s unique model.

After two years, Kara asked Dr. Morris if she could join his practice. The Little Yellow House’s overhead and work demand were more than what Kara could reasonably sustain. Kara became the Clinical Coordinator at Good Medicine in August of 2015 and graduated with the first Functional Medicine Coaching Academy class in January 2016. After graduation, Kara became a Course Facilitator/Practicum Supervisor for the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Kara is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) at Good Medicine, is the Business Integration Manager for PureGenomics powered by PureEncapsulations and a co-host of the podcast Good Medicine On the Go.

Kara Ware, LLC offers Business Integration Coaching services and free PureGenomics Business Integration consults  Medical providers seek Kara’s assistance to streamline patient workflow to keep patients activated in the process and partnership, reduce their stress, effectively integrate a national board-certified health coach (NBC-HWC), prevent clinician burnout, improve patient retention, optimize outcomes, and enhance their practice’s bottom line.

I have told my husband and colleagues how much Kara is saving me and helping me think through things I would not have otherwise thought of. I honestly can't imagine transitioning into my Functional Medicine practice without Kara. I can't thank her enough. I think she could have an entire business with just transitioning docs.

Dr. Emily Roedersheimer, DO

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