Autism can be Hard

With 1 out of 54 children now diagnosed with Autism, more and more families are struggling with Autism. Consequently, families are often living with…financial crisis, family divorce, siblings that are struggling, prescription drugs, harm from ill-timed medical interventions, trying everything and having nothing work, learning how to manage behaviors that are unmanageable, dangerous behaviors, aging out of services, institutionalization, and even giving up custody of their child to the state. Fear is choking the life out of the family. Behaviors, regressions, and going against the cultural norm are not easy. Forget parenting, survival is the name of the minute. How in the world are parents supposed to make so many lifestyle changes?

Life was hell. We walked on eggshells around our teenage son. After a year of working with Kara, we have our lives back. Our family is enjoying time together again.

Nancy B.

Kara Ware has been navigating this journey for the past 14 years. She has been coaching other families for the past 7. The families she has witnessed experience profound results are the ones who create and live a Family Care Plan. Unlike traditional Autism therapies that focus on the child and their symptoms, a Family Care Plan includes the entire family in the healing process. Parents must lead by example. If you try to implement a lifestyle change that you are unwilling to live yourself, it is setting the stage for more resistance and tension.

Healing the medical conditions creating the Autism symptoms is a shared journey. This is something we do with our children, not to them. The interactions with the family’s genetics, nutrition, lifestyle, traumas, and environment have manifested as Autism in our child. This means that parents and siblings usually have similar symptoms, although with much less severity.

Creating a plan helps transform the fear. It also helps prevent harm from ill-timed medical interventions and a financial crisis. You can save considerable time and effort with the guidance of a medical provider and a coach.

Painful Behaviors

Kara learned her child understood everything she was saying even though it appeared like he was in a far, far, distant galaxy. She learned how to listen and understand his unique form of communication. His behaviors were communication he did not feel well, that he was in pain. When she started listening to his behaviors rather than trying to manage or silence them is when she learned how to partner with her child. This discovery is what has allowed her to do what many still say is impossible.

Most of the interventions helped a little. However, his behaviors continued to escalate. We were at our lowest point when we met Kara. After one year, our lives changed in ways I had only dreamed about

Teri S.

Maria Stein, OH

Work with Kara

The world moves at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement changes will leave you two steps behind. Think about what you can do. Feel good about what you can do. Talk about all the great things you are doing. And do what you can with love. All of these small, deliberate steps will accumulate and over time create big change.

Parent Videos

Kara Ware iMPROV 2016

Shocking. MUST SEE

We acknowledge and appreciate the many families who celebrate their children and the gifts Autism has brought the family. Kara and the families who choose to work with her have children who are clearly in pain, thus, the entire family is suffering.