Work With Kara

Work With Kara

Coaching supports you through your family’s change process. The process of moving from where you are [dominant story] to where you want to be [preferred story]. Each family reclaims their family’s health and freedom in different styles. However, no matter the style, the process needs to involve preparing and planning the implementation of lifestyle modifications based on your current ability. Plus, identifying the character strengths and sources of inspiration you will rely on during times of backlash. Healing is not a continuous forward journey but more like the ocean’s tide. Building a plan based on your desires, ability, strengths, and previous successes are cornerstones of empowerment. Overwhelm is only an indicator you are trying to do too much too soon.

“The people who make the most progress are those who do the little things consistently.”

A thought about Autism Recovery

Kara feels Autism Recovery is misleading. It appears to insinuate there is a finish line. Recovery can quickly become an elusive carrot that seems to become more and more out of reach with each passing year. She believes Autism remission is much more appropriate. With each passing year, more and more of the root causes are healed and your child continues to emerge.

“Most of the interventions helped a little. However, his behaviors continued to escalate. We were at our lowest point when we met Kara. After one year, our lives changed in ways I had only dreamed about.”

– Terri S.


Empowerment comes from knowing how to partner with your medical provider and then knowing how to partner with your family to successfully implement reasonable lifestyle and medical interventions based on your unique and current circumstances.

“Guided learning is much more effective than trial and error.”

– James Prochaska

After seeing our friend's success working with Kara, we knew we had to work with her. We feel like we are finally getting our family back as the behaviors continue to disappear and our son emerges.

Gina F.

Boggstown, IN

We are so thankful to no longer be making excuses but, rather, be proactive while our son is in preschool. Kara has helped us partner with our provider and parent our child-not their autism- as we continue to live and evolve our Family's Care Plan.

Rachel F.

Dayton, OH

Partner Framework


Rushing to action or pretending action is the only measure of success is what causes stress when approaching change. Preparing for change and for the other demands that will pop up while you are making change will help you stay with the Functional Medicine process year after year.


Co-creating a medical and lifestyle plan that is equally matched to your family’s current ability makes the Functional Medicine process effective, affordable, reasonable, and sustainable. The goal is to move forward at your own pace.


Identify what you are willing, ready, and able to change in the next three months. This is the method for incremental change. This approach provides enough time to implement change and allow the change to stabilize in your life before adding in the next phase of lifestyle modifications.


The Instant Gratification expectation sabotages the Functional Medicine partnership and process. It is well researched and documented that around the 6-month mark of concerted effort, the steep relapse curve levels off. [pg. 18] Therefore, choose a medical team you are prepared to work with for at least 1-year.


Social support is a key element of change-especially when faced with the demands and stresses of taking action. Learning how to talk and work with your family, friends, and co-workers regarding your lifestyle choices is crucial.


When you feel eager to implement your medical and lifestyle. recommendations, you know you are successfully partnering with your medical provider.


The true goal of Functional Medicine is to heal the physical and evolve spiritually. This requires us to improve our relationship with ourselves. This is as much of a journey for the parents as it is for the one expressing the Autism symptoms. Improving our relationship with ourselves first, then we can improve the relationship with food, family, children, and our environment. This is the Inside-Out healing philosophy you must adopt to experience profound results. No doctor or therapist, no magic hammer like a pill, is going to ‘fix’ everything. That’s the outside-in approach we all know does not work.

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